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Saving La Sirena"

Artesanias mexicanas "La Sirena"
(starts at 2:55; 8/20/2013)

A Day to Honor the Departed


A tiny Mexican folk art store in NYC survived 20 years of skyrocketing rents and the nation's move to online shopping.

Out and About in the East Village  

La Sirena: An Evolving Assemblage the last Village

Saving La Sirena

Latinos In The US: Dina Leor Brings Mexican Artisan- ship to NYC with La Sirena Store In East Village

Walk around Queens with La Sirena

Folk Art Store La Sirena is Looking for New Space


Mano a Mano, La Sirena Preparing for Day of the Dead

Mexico in New York: La Sirena, A Living Altar of Mexican Folk Art

In honor of El Grito, step inside this living altar to all things Mexico in the heart NYC

It's Official: 42 Percent Hike Sends La Sirena into
Sirena Into "Limbo"


Low-Income Housing Association Plans Major Rent Hikes, La Sirena May Close

With Rent Hikes Looming, Cooper Square Tenants Worry They'll Be Kicked While Down

NYC Spotlight: La Sirena

Spiritual Sightings I

Owner of La Sirena Shares Her Encounter with Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

[REMEZCLA] La Trivia #6: La Sirena!

Cititour: La Sirena

A Day to Honor the Departed

La Sirena Mexican Folk Art

75 years after first visit, Manhattan hasn't forgotten Frida Kahlo

Secret Weapons: La Sirena's Holiday Ornaments

La Sirena Brings Mexican Folk Art to L.E.S.

Nick Jr. Magazine


Mexican Arts, Crafts and Clothing

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